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I first ordered from Deccan Spice about a month and a half back. I was expecting a just-another-Indian-restaurant in The US, but I was honestly very surprised by how good the food was. Ever since then, I've been ordering regularly, and I've never been let down once.

I mostly order the chicken biryani, which is as flavorful as it can possibly get. Great quantity and quality for decent cost. I also order a lot of the chicken curries like Andhra curry, etc., and they all taste really good as well. Their breads are always soft, and the complimentary rice is also of hight quality. I also recently ordered a Paneer Butter Masala which honestly blew me away - IT WAS SOOO GOOD! So creamy and tasty!

Delivery has always been on time - except for one time which I can completely forgive given that everyone talks sweetly and they deliver very good food.

Overall, awesome food and service. Will order again and again and again..! :P


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Deccan Spice serves the best Indian food we've had outside of Chicago, and the best we've had in years. Naperville has a large Indian population, and Naperville has had several Indian restaurants (one or two have been very good). Deccan Spice left the others in the dust. We had a dal (cooked lentils) that was practically a religious experience. Thank you, Deccan, and thank you, Naperville.


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I ordered from them and there was an issue with the order, I felt like the customer service wasn't good and I told them how upset I was. They did everything they could to try to make it up to me and I'm very appreciative! The food is great and I've ordered from them a bunch. Even though one time I had issues, they really turned everything around.


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This was delish! We loved the samosas and butter chicken. But watch out! When they say spicy they mean it! We had a hard time eating our mild spicy rice dish and we like spicy food. This is next level hot spice. Very flavorful, but next time Ill ask for it to be super mild.


4 reviews
Fantastic flavors! Arrived on time. I've been in the restaurant industry for some years and I have to say, top notch Indian food at a reasonable price. Will definitely be ordering again....maybe again tonight!

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4 reviews
Super yummy and spicy


1 review
Food was delicious!


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I liked it.

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